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Starting a Business

Is It a One-Hit Wonder or Can This Mom's Business Scale?

On the new episode of "Elevator Pitch," find out how much investors are willing to bet on first-time founders.

Growing a Business

Dirty Dough Founder Bennett Maxwell on Mental Fitness and Podcasting with Purpose

Interview with Dirty Dough Founder Bennett Maxwell about his inspirational mission, creating balanced social media content, and podcasting with purpose.


3 Proven Ways to Achieve Superhuman Focus in 14-Days

Have you ever considered your inability to focus is due to your nutrition, not your lack of willpower?

Starting a Business

'This Has Been a Real Bloodbath!': Watch the Intense New Episode of 'Elevator Pitch'

On this episode of "Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch," contestants find out just how hard it is to impress our investors. Don't miss this one!

Growing a Business

Pepper Lunch Team on Seizing Unique Opportunities for Global Growth

Interview with Pepper Lunch executive team Troy Hooper, Yuto Tago, and Sumio Matsumoto about Japanese hospitality and the "DIY Teppanyaki" brand story.

Starting a Business

She Ditched a Corporate Career and Bet on Herself. Did It Pay Off?

On this episode of "Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch," find out if a new food company has investors digging in or saying no thanks.

Growing a Business

Lawrence Longo of Off the Menu on the Secret to Business Partnerships

Longo discusses his unique dining concept created out of providing access to food items that are not on the menu at popular restaurants.


Joy Zarembka of Busboys and Poets on Inviting Customers to Take a Deliberate Pause

Interview with Busboys and Poets COO Joy Zarembka about operating an inviting restaurant, being a stage for the community to connect, and the importance of feedback.

Starting a Business

What Do Hip-Hop, Underwear and AI Have in Common? Watch This Episode of 'Elevator Pitch' to Find Out.

On this episode of "Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch," things get up close and personal in the boardroom.

Growing a Business

Steve Chang of Copa Vida on Building Organic Community in Coffee Shops

Interview with Copa Vida Owner Steve Chang about building community, the "Go. Enjoy. Experience." mantra, and how technology helps restaurants adapt.


4 Easy Ways to Make More Money By Training Your Brain

Mental rehearsal is a powerful psychological technique that's used by athletes, billionaires, and entrepreneurs to achieve their goals.

Starting a Business

Did This Entrepreneur Make the Casamigos of Wine? Watch Now.

On this episode of 'Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch,' our board of investors is ready to rumble over deals.

Science & Technology

Shootz Restaurant CEO Harold Walters on Connecting with a Large, Organic Audience

Interview with Shootz CEO about the benefits of using the Ovation platform, switching to Toast from Clover, and the importance of digital media.

Starting a Business

Watch to See If a Hangover Cure Can Land a $150K Investment in 60 Seconds

Season nine of 'Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch' kicks off with episode one and the cash is flowing!

Growing a Business

Honeygrow Founder Justin Rosenberg on Making Customers Happy with Kick Ass Service

Interview with honeygrow CEO/Founder about having a timeline to make mistakes, learning to manage up, and finding joy in your work.