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2013 Business Travel Awards

From beautiful hotels to an airport bar and restaurant you'll actually enjoy, we have gathered our favorites in business travel.

That's My Motto

We spoke with entrepreneurs we admire to cull the single best bit of startup advice they could muster -- and the experiences that led to it.

Better Off Med

Mediterranean cuisine may well be the next big thing at American fast-casual restaurants. The staples of the Middle East and Greece are finding a growing niche among consumers --and franchises are leading the way.

The Humanoid League

With commercial applications that can improve business performance and enhance lifestyles, intelligent machines are making waves in an array of industry sectors -- and startups are leading the charge.

Danger, Will Robinson!

More companies are creating robotics for consumer use. Here's a look at four that you can take home today.

Real-world Apps

From agriculture to healthcare, these innovative companies are creating robots that have the potential to change lives.

Think Mobile, Act Local

The convergence of social media, mobile interactivity and geolocation technology has given rise to a new marketing trend: SoLoMo. The name may be a mouthful, but it could signal the next evolution of local advertising.

Travel 'Trep of the Year

Robert Deluce's Porter Airlines put a secondary airport back on the map and brought civility back to flying.

A Few Notable Nomads

We asked frequent travelers, from a White House correspondent to a popular chef, what they love and hate about being constantly away from home.


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The X-factor

The key to developing employees with oomph is communication.
Doing Good

Class Consciousness

Strategic partnerships help a nonprofit erase education deficits.
Editor's Note

Downhill Battles

Franchise Ink

All Aflutter

One entrepreneur's inspiring story of how losing her job turned into a booming beauty franchise.
Lead Gen

Don't Ask, Do Tell

You know all of the frequently asked marketing questions, what about the important questions no one ever thinks to ask? We've got the answers right here.

Sharing the Wealth

Kelly Saxton has spent over 30 years running restaurant franchises, and one thing he's learned is that good employees are crucial to success and should be rewarded.
The Ethics Coach

Walking the Plank

This month we tackle thorny questions about pirates, extreme imitation and angry creditors.
Your Money

CFO in the House

Why not apply the money principles you use for business to your personal finances?

They're the Tops

Our list of the franchises that are best in class.

Time for Your Healthcare Checkup

Here are the vitals you need to know about SMBs and The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.
All Up In Your Business

When Right is Wrong

Being sure of yourself is nice, but thinking that nobody knows better is a mistake.
Ask a Pro

Going Public

Twitter, Facebook and Youtube are usually the domain of one of your employees, but if want to get involved, here are the things you should consider.
Business Unusual

From Trashed to Treasured

Icon produces artisan-quality, custom-made rides out of scrapyard-bound vehicles.
Design It

The Green Party

Color can have a huge emotional impact on customers, but that doesn't mean you need to change your product line to follow trends. Here are the elements of color theory you should consider.
The Suitcase Entrepreneur

Raising the Bar

We take a look at what makes a modern hotel watering hole stand out and pick a few favorites.

Join the Club

FundersClub helps facilitate financing in early-stage companies for small investors who want to make small investments.
Ask the Money Guy

Get Down For the Count

Several factors go into deciding how much inventory you need to stock. We take a look at the essential elements to consider.
Who Has VC?

Upright Citizen

Daniel Kim's startup Lit Motors and its groundbreaking take on the motorcycle has pulled in more than $1 million in angel funding.

Tasteful Treasures

A flea market as restaurant incubator, hipster destination and, yes, great place to find a lamp.
College Startup

May I Take Your Coat?

A stolen jacket leads to a big business for an Indiana University grad.
Startup Finance

The $37 Investor

A web personality takes six budding startups under his wing and gives them each $37 in financing.
Wacky Idea

Fashion's Final Frontier

How four MIT students created stylish business clothing from specialized fabrics that breathe, regulate heat, zap moisture and neutralize the bacteria that causes body odor.
Ask A Geek

Discovering Buried Treasure

There is a lot of information out there and it just keeps growing. Here are the basics of working with big data.
Mobile Tech

Street Smarts

Silvercar is out to make car rental more personal and a lot less of a hassle.
Shiny Objects


Stay on top of business from anywhere with these 4G wireless smartphones, tablets and computers.
The Online Trep

New Life for Bad Apples

A college entrepreneur found a way to take the frustration out of fixing damaged mobile devices.
Website to Watch

Sign Me Up

Athletes and fans share memories through electronic autographs.
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