Business Idea Center - Page: 2 - Maintenance

Fire and Flood Restoration

Sometimes bad things happen. You can help save the day with a fire and flood restoration business.

Housecleaning Service

Clean up with a shoestring start-up--as little as $150. Expect annual gross revenues of $15,000 to $30,000, and you can up your earnings by offering special one-time services that pay more. Charge your clients by the hour or by the job, based on going rat

Snow and Ice Removal Service

Help people get around in the winter months with a snow and ice removal service.

Driveway Sealing

Rejuvenate driveways to cement in your business.

Duct Cleaning Service

Here's a business that's doing its part in cleaning the air.

Air Conditioning Service

Put your talents to work with an air conditioning service.

Appliance Repair Service

Use your know-how of home furnishings to build a repair service.

Bicycle Repair Service

Turn your love for cycling into a bike repair business.

Boat Cleaning Service

Get boats and your business into ship-shape.

Power Tool Rentals

Start fixing up your business by buying quality power tools and setting up rental rates.

Windshield Repair

Break into the business of windshield repair.

Sandblasting Service

Help erase the sands of time by blasting it with more sand.

Odor Control Service

Make the world a better-smelling place with an odor-control service.

Stump Removal Services

Spruce up lawns by removing unwanted tree stumps.

Small Engine Repair

Use engineering experience to rev-up a plan for this small business idea.