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How to Get More Comments on Your Blog

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It's important to consistently write new content for your blog, but the key to success boils down to one thing: engagement.

That means getting your audience so engaged in your work that they begin to interact with you directly, which can lead to more sales.

And one of the best ways to measure engagement is with blog comments. That's when a reader actually posts a reply right on your site.

Have you ever been to a blog that looks like an Old West ghost town: no comments, no likes, no tweets? Maybe I've just described your own blog.

That's about to change. Here are three simple ways to get readers commenting on your blog:

1. Take a stand.
Boring content will always get you zero comments. You should take a stand on your blog. Don't be afraid to put out content that might shake things up in your industry a bit. Don't be boring and vanilla. Draw a line in the sand: "Here's where I stand. This is what I believe." Then ask readers: "Do you agree?"

The people who agree will be your biggest supporters and most consistent commenters. And when your posts are written tactfully, those who don't necessarily agree with you will still engage in thoughtful conversation.

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2. Ask readers a question.
About once every two weeks, I literally ask my readers a question and request they answer in the comments section. Here are some examples of questions I've asked:

  • What articles would you like to see featured here?
  • I'm going to interview other experts. Who do you want to hear from?
  • If you had only one book to take with you on an island, what would it be?

You'd be amazed how many comments you can get from a post like this. And if they reply once, there's a much better chance they will keep replying. Some people just need a little nudge to write that first comment.

3. Thank your commenters.
Once you begin getting comments, nurture them. The easiest way to do this is to simply respond to their comments.

If John says, "Great article Jane!" be sure to thank him for his support with a quick response. There's nothing worse than being ignored and that small token of thanks goes a long way.

It might take you a little while to start gaining momentum. Don't get frustrated. It takes time to get consistent comments on your blog. But before you know it, your audience has grown and that is when the magic happens.

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