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Its all about attitude.

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By Grant Cardone • Feb 2, 2017 Originally published Feb 2, 2017

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Do you want to get to that next level of whatever it is you are doing? Attitude alone can take you to that next level. In sales, your product can be shopped. Maybe not your exact product, but something similar. A great attitude can't be shopped. Price can be beaten, but a great attitude is priceless.

If I scream and threaten another person, what would you expect them to do? They'll flee or fight. If I'm positive and agreeable, sooner or later it will start to melt away another's negativity. This is because a positive attitude is contagious. The ability to stay positive despite negativity around you requires mental muscle. "Great", "super", "excellent", "love it", "no problem", "I'd be happy" -- these are the phrases you need to get to that next level, both in sales and life.

Here are three things to remember about a great attitude:

1. A great attitude is worth more than a great product.

People will pay more for an agreeable, positive, great experience than they will for a great product. Show me someone who doesn't want to feel good, and I'll show you a person you don't even want to bother selling. People want to feel good. There will always be a market for products that make people feel good. A person who can make someone else feel good can sell almost anything. An individual who can combine a great product with a great attitude becomes unstoppable.

A positive attitude is more important than the product you are selling. People spend a small amount of their paycheck on the necessities of life and blow the rest on entertainment. Why? They want to feel good. Why does Jimmy Fallon make more than all the school teachers in LA? Because he makes people feel good. People want to be entertained. It's easy for a buyer -- your prospect -- to say "no" to a product, but difficult to say "no" to a positive experience with another human. When something feels good, you want more of it. Money flows out of my pocket when I feel good.

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Instant gratification things like food, drugs, alcohol and gambling will always sell because people will pay to feel good for a moment. People will spend money on things that make them feel good before buying things that satisfy their needs. It explains debt levels and why people spend more on entertainment than on education. The media pounds negativity into people every day. Do you know how refreshing it is to meet someone positive and solution oriented? Someone smiling, laughing, not getting too intense and taking things personal? It's refreshing. You have to know your product and take massive action, but if you're taking massive action with a bad attitude, all you're going to do is make a wreck of the marketplace. Be positive at all times and you will come out a winner. Attitude is senior to everything.

2. Treat people like millionaires.

Would you like to be a millionaire? Its all about attitude. You need to start treating your customers like millionaires. Treat them like they have money and they'll spend money they don't have. The decision-maker or not the decision-maker, treat them like a millionaire. Treat them like a millionaire whether they 15-years-old or 50-years-old.

People act the way you treat them. Imagine you have a customer who is broke and out of work, who can't get financing. How should you treat him? Treat him like a millionaire. He just filed bankruptcy but one day he'll be back on his feet. If they don't have it now, they'll spend it with you when they do have it.

When I just got out of college I was selling cars. This customer walked in to buy a truck and pretty much told me he didn't want to pay anything over invoice. That doesn't make sense. If we sold everything at cost we'd make no money and couldn't service customers. But it made sense to him, so I agreed with him. I knew that attitude is more important than product or price. I believed I could change his mind in the close. I treated him like he had a million dollars. Treat them good and they will act good. He bought from me, and he spent more than he expected to spend that day.

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3. You are a product of your environment.

You are what you surround yourself with. This includes people, beliefs, TV, magazines, friends, movies, hobbies, interests, family. Everything you are involved with influences your environment. The condition of your mind influences you. The media gets you thinking about things you otherwise wouldn't think about. You need to protect your attitude. Take preventative steps against things that will bring you down. Attitudes, good and bad, are contagious. You've got to learn how to control your attitude, stay positive and change the attitudes of others!

Here are some tips to have a great attitude and take your life to the next level:

1. Avoid newspapers, TV and radio.

2. Stay away from "can't do" people.

3.Get everyone in your life on the same page with where you are going.

4. Avoid drugs and alcohol.

5. Stay away from hospitals and doctors.

6. No negative talk.

7. Start a negativity diet.

If you're not getting paid what you want, and you know you're doing what you need to do, attitude is probably a part of the problem. If you want a bigger paycheck get a bigger attitude, a bigger smile, bigger happiness, and bigger positive responses. Thoughts proceed actions, and your actions control your life. Get your attitude right, and come to 10X GrowthCon and let's get you to that next level.

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