Become a Better Entrepreneur by Subscribing to These 5 Newsletters

Wouldn't it be nice to subscribe to some email lists that are packed of truly beneficial information?

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By Thomas Smale

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All email newsletters claim to deliver a wealth of information directly to your inbox, but the majority fall short on this claim, as they just send out advertisements disguised to look like content.

Wouldn't it be nice to subscribe to some newsletters that are packed of truly beneficial information that can help you become a better entrepreneur? I have subscribed to every newsletter out there over the years and have come in contact with ones that don't provide helpful information, ones that overwhelm you with so many emails it forces you to click the unsubscribe link and ones that deliver excellent information.

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Here are some of my favorite newsletters that I recommend subscribing to.

1. Hacker Newsletter

Don't let the name fool you -- this newsletter is not about hacking. Hacker Newsletter hand-curates the best articles about technology and startups and delivers them to your inbox weekly.

This newsletter has a very minimalist design, with all stories broken into categories for easy reference. Aside from curating informative articles, I am a fan of this newsletter because I can quickly skim through it and identify articles that interest me based on the category and article title. Every entrepreneur, regardless of his or her industry, should stay up to date on current technology and startup trends.

2. is the brainchild of serial entrepreneur Noah Kagan, who is also the founder of AppSumo. Kagan's newsletter contains some of his best business hacks that he personally used to start two multi-million dollar businesses and grow an email list of more than 700,000 subscribers.

The OKDork newsletter provides tips and case studies that every entrepreneur can benefit from. Kagan likes to share data-rich information, which I find to be very helpful. Instead of just talking about something, he is showing you exactly what he did and what the outcome was, both good and bad. As entrepreneurs we can all learn from both positive and negative experiences.

3. HubSpot

HubSpot, which is a popular inbound marketing software platform, also publishes extremely informative and useful content through HubSpot Blogs. It is broken into three sections -- marketing, sales and agency, and you can sign up for the corresponding newsletter to receive the best content from that particular category.

I subscribe to the marketing newsletter -- rather than having to visit the blog daily, skimming through the newsletter allows me to quickly identify stories I want to read. I either engage with them immediately or flag the email as a "to-do" item and return to it when I have time. The marketing newsletter is a must for every entrepreneur -- you can never be too good at marketing, as it is the backbone for growth.

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4. Quick Sprout

The Quick Sprout newsletter, which comes from fellow contributor Neil Patel, is a must-subscribe for all business owners. I am a Quick Sprout newsletter subscriber for one reason -- and that is so I never miss a new post. Patel is a successful online entrepreneur, so his content tends to revolve around entrepreneurial lessons related to online businesses.

Having an online presence is mandatory for businesses, so there really isn't a single entrepreneur that isn't going to benefit from reading this newsletter. Patel is open about showing real data to back up his information. Seeing real website traffic numbers, conversion rates and growth data is what makes this content so special.

5. KISSmetrics

Another Neil Patel company, KISSmetrics, has a newsletter that delivers its latest content directly to your email inbox. While the content covers almost every corner of entrepreneurship, it has a heavy focus on business growth through conversion rate optimization.

Numbers and data don't lie -- they tell you what is working, what isn't and how the business responds to testing and changes. The ability to decipher analytical data and use that information to make changes in my business helped me make my first $1 million in profits.


You are reading right now because you want to become a better entrepreneur, right? Well, why not sign up for its newsletter right now. If you click here you will see that there are a dozen categories to select from -- and each one is emailed out on a specific day of the week, with one category being daily and two of them delivered on a monthly basis.

Subscribe to the newsletters that are going to benefit you and your business the most, and read as much as you can. Setting aside time daily to read keeps you updated on the latest happenings and forces you to think, which keeps your mind sharp and ready to react in a split-second the next time you have an important business decision to make.

Please check out my company's newsletter -- we send out exceptional content weekly.

Do you have any newsletters to add to this list that you think would help entrepreneurs? Leave your suggestions in the comments section below.

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Thomas Smale

Entrepreneur Leadership Network Contributor

Founder of FE International

Thomas Smale co-founded FE International in 2010. He has been interviewed on podcasts, blogs and also spoken at a number of industry events on online businesses, exit strategy and selling businesses.

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