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Just Build Your Business and Ignore Those Online Ads Promising Instant Success Why would you pay somebody for advice on how to grow your business before you've experimented with all the advice available for free?

By Kimanzi Constable Edited by Dan Bova

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You've seen them, right? You login into Facebook to catch up with your friends and you're bombarded with ads that promise to teach you the "secret funnel system" that led some person you've never heard of to making six or seven figures in a period of time. The sales copy is excellent—it does what it's supposed to do.

You look at their profile and they have a decent size Facebook following so you think that just maybe, they might know what they're talking about. You read on and get excited to finally learn about a system you can use to make some or more money in your online business. You look at their pictures, you get more curious about this secret system that took them from nothing to living a good life and making tons of money.

You sign up. You might be taken to an automated or live webinar or you get on their email list to get the free gift they promise you. The free gift may be good. The webinar might be informative but you know what comes next. Soon enough, you get the sales offer. Everything at this point is standard and you start thinking about buying because all of this feels like what you have been missing. The price is higher than you feel comfortable spending but you are tired and want to make money once and for all.

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The problem.

Before you enter your credit card info, pause and think. There may be some secret funnel system or cheat sheet to six-figures or three video series formula that worked for that person and led them to income. I get that. But, nine times out of ten, information is being left out. Their system may work but only after you are at a certain place in your online business or only after you have taken ten other steps first.

It seems too good to be true and that's probably because it is. There is a lot of information on the Internet—some good and some bad. There are a wealth of strategies that can help you grow and make money but only when you put them into perspective. The instant success you see someone posting about only happened after a plan was followed and many steps were taken. You have to realize that before you buy into something that won't help you at the level you're at.

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Exhaust free first.

Investing in your online business (or any type of business) is smart. Investing in training to help you grow as an entrepreneur will help you stand out and create the kind of business you want, but only when it makes sense. We live in the Information Age. Today, you can learn from blogs, websites, podcasts, videos, courses, and a many other ways. There is a great deal of free information that can help you start, build and even make a few dollars online.

Use as much free information as you can to start and grow. Filter who you learn from because there are too many so-called "experts." Look at what they have done in their business and what they have done for their clients. It's pretty easy to spot whose real and whose fake. Know that just because some knows how to use Facebook ads doesn't mean they're an entrepreneur. Be very leery of ads that promise quick results or big money if you buy into their secret system.

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Invest when it makes sense.

After you have exhausted the free information and need a little more help on your next steps, do your research. Figure our what kind of training could help you reach your next set of goals. Invest in yourself and your business when it makes the most sense. Don't be pressured into a decision that makes you uncomfortable because of good sales copy and the promise of something you want.

Every move in your business should be thought out and planned. You should know when you would need to invest in training. Things don't always work as planned, but having a plan could stop you from making an impulsive decision.

The next time you see one of those ads, smile knowing that you are confident in the direction you need to take in your business. This isn't to say you will never take advantage of a good deal or won't buy training unless it's in the plan. You might and probably will. But, make sure you always know why and what you are getting when you enter your credit card number.

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