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Be Tough on Yourself

Good people never regret doing the right thing.

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The right thing is almost always the hardest thing to do. We need to do the right thing and be hard on ourselves. We need to look at ourselves, our situations, how we act and how we make decisions. Too many times we slide and take the easy way out. Avoiding the hard decision, which is often the right one to make.

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If you were in a competing business situation with a friend and you had you found through that would give you an edge, would you use it? You have a hard decision to make. Do you use it to ensure you are ok? Your friendship shouldn't be detrimental to you. It shouldn't stop you from being successful or living to your full potential.

You need to be honest and tough. Tell yourself the . Ask for the truth. Hear the truth.

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When you are tough on yourself, you'll demand the same from those around you. Don't be afraid of being hard. Challenge people. When people are challenged they pay , they become satisfied and committed by having problems to solve. People don't appreciate you for being soft. They appreciate you for being firm and having standards that you expect to be met.

By being tough, you help more people than if you let things slide and don't commit.

Think of it this way for example. Make the hard decision to work the weekend instead of party. You earned cash instead of throwing it away. You improved your life. You've invested in yourself. Now because you're tough on yourself, you are starting to be the best person you can be.

Again, most people wouldn't think of it that way. But then, I think most people are soft. Make a list of where you're soft and where you're tough. I'm sure most will find that their soft areas outweigh their tough list!

Sometimes when you need to make a tough decision you might find yourself stalling. Usually that means one of three things.

1. Lack of information. This can stop you cold. Get more information if you need to in order to make the call.

2. Fear. You can't live in fear of what could or might happen or who may not like your decision. Consider the facts and do what you know is best.

3. Concern over past mistakes. Today is today. Put the past behind you and move forward from right now. Don't get today's circumstances mixed up with some other situation from the past.

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Identify your reason and tackle it so you can move forward. Never fear betting on yourself. Making a decision is courageous, brave, necessary and the mark of a true leader. Making tough decisions and being hard is a sign of growth. It means you are setting priorities and goals that are important enough to you that you will forgo instant gratification for the longer-term win and achievement.

This might be uncomfortable for you at the beginning but as with everything, practice makes perfect. You'll be more at ease with your decisions knowing that you are right in your course of action.

It probably also means that some people will call you unreasonable because you won't bend or give in on these issues and decisions which you found to be important. As I've said before, being unreasonable is a sign that you are 10X-ing it. Being unreasonable is a compliment. It means you aren't giving up or giving in. Stick by your guns. Be tough and unwavering in the attainment of your goals. Reaching your goals is what is ultimately going to lead you to financial freedom.

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When you are soft, you let things slide and you might refuse to make the tough decisions. But understand, this in itself is a decision. You've decided to let things continue on as they have been. But what is going to change? You'll be stuck. In the same situation, in the same financial crisis and on and on. Be tough. Make a change.

Being a hard person doesn't mean you are constantly upset or an unhappy person. It means you are developing into someone better and you are committed.

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