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Does Your Company Need a Spotify Playlist? Customized music offerings could add to your company's brand profile, depending on your industry.

By Jaia Thomas Edited by Dan Bova

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When you think of the fast-food chain Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, what usually comes to mind? Perhaps a) jambalaya b) red beans and rice c) Cajun fries or d) Spotify playlists?

If music wasn't your answer, you might be surprised to learn that this month Popeyes introduced a limited-time offer menu item, Tear'n Tenderloin Chicken. The new offering not only includes chicken and a buttermilk biscuit but also the Spotify playlist Tear'n It Up. The playlist features 35 Louisiana-inspired songs ranging from "Magnolia Blue" by Mia Borders to "Louisiana Saturday Night" by Benjy Davis Project.

Popeyes joins the ranks of such companies as Reebok and BMW that are turning to Spotify to create music playlists to create brand awareness and increase sales. Spotify, an online music service, offers users the ability to stream audio music files on demand through the use of its proprietary technology. The company, founded in 2006 by serial entrepreneurs Martin Loretzon and Daniel Ek, has more than 40 million active users, a repertoire exceeding 20 million songs and a platform available in 57 countries or lands ranging from Singapore to Switzerland.

Since Spotify's inception, more than 1.5 million playlists have been created. Any individual or even a company can create playlists via Spotify. Thinking of creating a Spotify playlist for your company? Here are three considerations to keep in mind:

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1. Target customers.

Who are your target consumers? Music streaming and the use of playlists generally skew toward a younger audience. Last year Spotify users 20 years old or younger used playlists for 58 percent of their streaming, compared to 43 percent of Spotify users 60 years or older. Do your customers fall within the optimal streaming or playlist demographic? Before creating a playlist, think about whether your target customers would likely take advantage of a music playlist offering.

2. Consider the service and product offerings.

Are your company's products or services suited for a music playlist? Let's be honest. It may be easier to create a music playlist for certain types of services and products than for others.

Certain industries may not necessarily lend themselves to music playlists. Is there a such thing as an optimal music playlist for a paper-supply company? Companies with products or services that are reminiscent of a particular time period or focused on a particular geographical region tend to do extremely well with music playlists.

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3. Develop playlist plans and strategies.

For entrepreneurs thinking about creating a company playlist, Los Angeles-based celebrity DJ B-Hen recommends staring a playlist with tunes that are probably most familiar to the audience. DJ B-Hen told me a great Spotify playlist warms up listeners with nostalgic tunes that provide a sense of comfort.

Handle the sequence of tunes with passionate care. Select and pair songs that build toward the feelings you want your customers to experience. This ultimately makes the difference between a strike and home run.

Take a few risks at the climax of the playlist. And don't simply create a playlist on Spotify. Plan how you'll market and share it with current and potential customers.

More entrepreneurs are seeking to take advantage of Spotify playlists for their companies.

Shannon Evans, the owner of Atlanta-based Studio No. 7 art gallery and café, told me how she recently created a Spotify playlist for her establishment. Evans says she's noticed several people mentioning the playlist as a reason to visit the space. As more people listen to music online and via mobile devices, entrepreneurs may want to tap into the trend.

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Jaia Thomas

Attorney and Entrepreneur

Jaia Thomas is a Los Angeles-based sports and entertainment attorney. She also assists business owners with intellectual property matters, such as copyright and trademark registrations.

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