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5 Things We Can Learn From Kobe Bryant's Legacy

The way that NBA great Kobe Bryant relentlessly pursued greatness can be an inspiration to all.

Thought Leaders

Magic Johnson Shares 5 Lessons on Manufacturing Success

The NBA legend explains the thought process he uses on and off the court to find a way to win.

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Charles Barkley Still Doesn't Want to Be Your Role Model

The NBA Hall-of-Famer discusses Redmont Distillery, his Alabama-based vodka company.

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Actor And Entrepreneur Suniel Shetty Makes His LinkedIn Debut With Inspiring Post

Actor and entrepreneur Suniel Shetty recently joined LinkedIn and put up a detailed post talking about his entrepreneurial accomplishments.

Making a Change

What Benjamin Franklin and Tony Robbins Can Teach You About Self-Improvement

For thousands of years, successful people have taught that success begins with self-belief. That belief, coupled with persistence and action is the path that leads to happiness and the pride of accomplishment.

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Charly Jordan Knows The Importance Of Perseverance And Structure As An Entrepreneur

Jordan reveals how her struggles in life shaped her success as an entrepreneur.


Want to Market Like Beyoncé? Do These 5 Things

We can all take a lesson (or several) from the queen of marketing. Here are just five strategies to build your brand and market it like Beyoncé.

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Being Sonu Sood: A Peek Into The Life Of The Entrepreneur And Actor

Last month Sonu Sood turned entrepreneur, but there's a lot more that the actor does to help people.

Celebrity Entrepreneurs

Elon Musk's Illusion of Control Undermines Tesla's Future

Elon Musk told Tesla staff to return to the office or quit. This take on remote and hybrid work models will only damage Tesla's future.

Growing a Business

Zooey Deschanel Embraces the Word 'Quirky' and Thinks Businesses Should Too

The actress and entrepreneur has cofounded enough ventures to know that whatever sets you apart will guide you toward success.

Growing a Business

Norman Reedus Is Proud to Be the Weirdo-Whisperer: "Flaws Are What Make You Unique"

The 'Walking Dead' star (and restaurateur, book publisher, and TV producer) thinks that whatever you're trying to hide is probably your greatest asset.

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Reese Witherspoon Shares Her Ambitious New Daily Habits, and Ina Garten Hilariously Responds With More Realistic Goals: 'Drink More Large Cosmos'

The celebrity chef posted a good-natured teasing comment on her friend's latest post.

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Nina Dobrev and Julianne Hough on Starting a Company, Building a Brand and Doing It All With Your Best Friend

The actor and the dancer talk about finding the business yin to your yang.

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The Jonas Brothers Just Launched an Artisanal Popcorn Brand, Now Available for Nationwide Delivery

The pop rock trio partnered with The Naked Market, a next-gen food and beverage business, to launch Rob's Backstage Popcorn.