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Elon Musk Sets Record Straight on Potential Purchase of Professional Sports Team: 'They Were My Fave Team as a Kid'

The billionaire took to Twitter to discuss potentially acquiring the Manchester United soccer club.

Emily Rella

SpaceX's Starlink Wants You To Hack It — And Earn $25,000

The Elon Musk-helmed company is offering money for folks to find issues with its network -- in good faith.

Gabrielle Bienasz

'It's Important to Avoid an Emergency': Musk Offloads $6.99 Billion in Tesla Stock

New financial documents show that the billionaire sold an estimated 7.92 million shares of his electric car company.

Emily Rella

Jeff Bezos' Megayacht Was Quietly Towed From a Dutch Shipyard — Watch the Video

Bezos' yacht was moved from a Dutch shipyard before dawn Tuesday, likely to avoid local attention.

Sarah Jackson

Musk Slams Rumors That He Is Building a Private Airport: 'Would Be Silly'

Sources claimed that the billionaire had begun conceptual plans for an airport near Tesla's HQ.

Emily Rella

Elon Musk is Out, But Should You Be In Twitter Stock?

Social media platform Twitter (NYSE: TWTR) stock tanked when Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) CEO Elon Musk pulled his $54.20 per share and $44 billion takeover offer.

Jea Yu

Who Is Google Co-Founder, Sergey Brin?

Brin is a billionaire, entrepreneur and computer scientist who co-founded Google at the age of 25.

Tesla Subpoenaed By the SEC (Again) Over Elon Musk's Tweets

The billionaire infamously Tweeted that he had "funding secured" to take Tesla private back in 2018.

Emily Rella

'Total BS': Elon Musk Responds to Allegations About Affair With Sergey Brin's Wife

The billionaire denied the accusations made against him in a Wall Street Journal exclusive.

Emily Rella