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A Father Decided to Change When He Was in Prison on His Son's Birthday. Now His Nonprofit Helps Formerly Incarcerated Applicants Land 6-Figure Jobs.

Sean Hosman, founder of the nonprofit Persevere, sees technology as "the great equalizer" — and is harnessing its power to lower recidivism rates.

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What Is SQL and How Does It Work?

SQL is behind your computer's ability to access database information. Discover SQL, how it works and more in this guide.

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Learn How to Make Your Next Tech Idea a Reality

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Science & Technology

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Beware: Rebuilding is Not the Only Solution for Overcoming Tech Debt

Five tactics that will guide you to recognize signs of tech debt and the risks involved while making you a mature decision maker.

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Raise Your Business's Potential by Learning Python

Learn one of the world's most popular programming languages online.

Starting a Business

How to Find the Right Programmers: A Brief Guideline for Startup Founders

For startup founders under a plethora of challenges like timing, investors and changing market demand, it is extremely hard to hire programmers who can deliver.

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Make 2022 the Year You Finally Learn to Code

Learning to code can help your business grow.