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She Never Wanted to Start a Business, But Chronic Insomnia Was Motivation — Here's How She Achieved 8 Figures in Sales and 8 Hours of Sleep a Night

Dr. Kathrin Hamm, founder and CEO of sleep-wellness company Bearaby, wanted to find a solution for her sleeplessness — and the products on the market weren't cutting it.


How to Biohack Your Circadian Rhythms and Achieve Peak Mental Performance

Discover how understanding your circadian rhythms can dramatically improve your performance on complex mental tasks.

Health & Wellness

Experts Say This Common Step in Your Morning Routine Makes You More Productive — But It Could Actually Be a Danger to Your Health

One of the first things you do when you wake up might be holding you back — and making you sick.


Study Shows People Who Sleep Late May Die Earlier

Night owls who wake up late have a 9% higher chance of dying sooner than early birds.

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Get Some Shut-Eye With This Wireless 3D Sleep Mask and Bluetooth Headphones for Only $20

Take advantage of this low rate during a limited-time price drop for the holiday shopping season.


Here's Why You Should Drink Coffee Before You Nap

A leading sleep expert says caffeine actually helps high-performing people feel more rested, as long as they don't nap too long.


3 Common Mistakes That Are Destroying Your Productivity

Learn how you can optimize your mental performance for productivity by avoiding these three common mistakes.


The Art of the Power Nap — How to Sleep Your Way to Maximum Productivity

Whether you're shooting for the NBA finals or growing your business, a quick snooze can be a secret weapon.


Save More Than $80 Off These Bamboo Sheets During Our Version of Prime Day

Can't wait for Prime Day? Get this 6-piece set of bamboo sheets for just $27.97.


5 Tips for Keeping Business Travel Simple and Stress-Free

Even though you might not be able to remove every stressor around a business flight, you have the power to improve your experience.


Sleep Better, Snore Less, and Stay Cool with This Tech-Packed Pillow, Now $49.99

Let technology help you sleep better with this 8-in-1 cooling pillow.


7 Ways to Avoid Falling Back When We Spring Forward with Daylight Saving Time

Suck it up and spring it on! Why you should wake up earlier, plus other tips to help energize and boost your productivity when the clocks change.

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10 Go-To Self-Care Activities That Don't Cost a Darn Thing

There's a lot of advice circulating today regarding self-care. Follow these strategies for ten cheap (or free) self-care activities.


The Founder of This Innovative Sleep Device Unpacks the Science Behind Good Rest — and How We Can All Get More of It

Ann Crady Weiss, co-founder and CEO of sleep technology company Hatch, knows what it takes to unwind and refresh.

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A Sleep Company Wants to Pay You to Eat Cheese Late at Night. Dream Job or Nightmare?

Does Swiss cheese poke holes in your chances for pleasant dreams?