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Dogs, Birds and More: Check Out These 7 Pet Franchises In honor of National Pet Month, it's a great time for owners to reassess the needs of their beloved pets and make sure they are happy and healthy.

By Lindsay Friedman

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If you're a pet owner, it's no secret your pet is just another family member.

Most of us have heard of the phrase "fur babies." It comes from the fact pet owners view their four-legged sidekick as more than just an animal -- they are part of the brood.

Indeed, a survey conducted by Nielsen showed that 95 percent of Americans consider their pets part of the family. And owners will splurge on all sorts of amenities -- grooming, walking, boarding and supplies, to name a few.

And with May being National Pet Month, it's a great time for owners to reassess the needs of their beloved pets and make sure they are happy and healthy.
Luckily, these pet franchises are here to help:

1. Wild Birds Unlimited

Who doesn't love the peaceful chirping of birds in the morning, welcoming a new day?

From birdfeeders and other supplies, Wild Birds Unlimited has you covered. The company was founded by Jim Carpenter in Indianapolis in 1981. After the company started to franchise in 1983, it expanding its offerings to include education on different birds and birds of the month.

In store, it offers bird feed, bird watching supplies, birdhouses, food and binoculars. It is also currently ranked as No. 144 on Entrepreneur's Franchise 500 list for 2015.

2. Pet Supplies Plus

Looking for a company that loves your pet just as much as you do? Pet Supplies Plus might be the place.

In an effort to make sure your animals are happy and healthy, much of the company's food is natural and complies with the strict rules issued by the Association of American Feed Control, among other regulations.

The supermarket style store was founded by Jack Berry and Harry Shallop in 1987 in Michigan. With services including grooming, self-serve pet washes and adoption events, the company's been franchising since 1990 and is ranked as No. 200 in Entrepreneur's Franchise 500.

Camp Bow Wow

3. Camp Bow Wow

It's always hard to leave your precious pet behind when headed out for a trip. Fortunately, Camp Bow Wow understands.

The Denver-based franchise is focused on instilling trust with owners, which is why the boarding facility offers live webcams to let customers check in on their dogs whether they're staying overnight or a simple day-care arrangement. It also provides day care.

Founded by Heidi Ganahl in 2000, she took the last $80,000 she had, following the loss of her first husband and a series of bad investments, to start Camp Bow Wow with her brother. After her first location found success, she opened a second and eventually began franchising in 2003.

Since then, Ganahl also expanded the company to feature Home Buddies, providing at-home care such as pet-sitting, dog walking, pet food delivery, pet waste cleanup, grooming and dog training.

Currently, Camp Bow Wow has the 204th spot on Entrepreneur's Franchise 500 list.

4. Sit Means Sit Dog Training

Have an ornery animal? Sit Means Sit Dog Training can help you nip that right in the bud

The Nevada-based franchise offers obedience and behavior training for dogs -- including pets, puppies, hunting dogs, police K-9s and service dogs. And if you don't have all the supplies you need for obedience or dog care, don't fret: the training company has products for purchase. It also provides boarding.

The company started in 2006 by Fred Hassen after creating the Sit Means Sit Dog Training process. It started franchising in 2009 and now has 89 locations.

It is currently ranked as No. 286 in the Franchise 500.

Fetch! Pet Care

5. Fetch! Pet Care

For many, pets are people, too.

And Fetch! Pet Care, a pet-sitting franchise, aims to give owners peace of mind in with all their pet's needs.

Fetch! Pet Care provides safe and reliable pet sitters. Each sitter is approved through a background check, is insured and has great reviews. To top it all off, the company even offers a backup, just in case.

"We believe that your pet should be in a "free range", stress-free environment with one-on-one care, which is why we provide in-home pet sitting where your pet will be free of the physical and emotional stress of a kennel, boarding or daycare facility or a "dog hotel," according to its website.

Founded in 2002, the Ohio-based company started franchising in 2004 and is ranked as No. 321 on Entrepreneur's Franchise 500 list.

6. Zoom Room

Think your dog has what it takes to take on the best of them on the course? With the help of Zoom Room you can find out.

Having opened in 2007, the company offers group and individual classes focused on dog agility. Using only positive training methods, the program aims to encourages dogs by building confidence and success while mastering new behaviors in an easy format the whole family can do.

Still, it makes sure your dog has a bit of fun every once in awhile by hosting special dog birthday parties and even Doggy Disco parties that benefit rescue organizations.

With its own product line of dog training gear, the Zoom Room started to franchise in 2009 and is currently ranked as No. 432 in Entrepreneur's Franchise 500.
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7. In Home Pet Services

When you typically imagine a professional dog walker, does someone being dragged by a zillion dogs and leashes come to mind?

That's the exact opposite image In Home Pet Service wants to create. Providing private one-on-one walks with your fluffy Fido, the company prides itself on providing a walk for your pet that's fun, safe and attentive. Morning, mid-day and even end-of-the-day walks are available ranging from 20 to 60 minutes. Plus, employees are also more than happy to take Rex to the park for a play session or two if it's nearby.

Founded in 2001, the TK-based company's been franchising since 2001 and has the 435th spot on Entrepreneur's Franchise 500 list.

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