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There's no sense of panic like when you fear your data may be lost. Discover plenty of data recovery services, software, and more, to help you in a crisis.

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YouTube vs. Facebook Ads: Which Is Better? Here's Your Answer

Facebook's great marketing results are things of the past thanks to privacy policy changes, but is YouTube truly better for advertising?

Thought Leaders

Why Data Privacy is The Key to Building Consumer Trust in Marketing

Maintaining customer data privacy is paramount for all digital marketers. Customers are vigilant about their data due to increasing data breaches, and any recklessness with customer information can be the first and final nail in your business's coffin.

Data & Recovery

5 Ways Digital Marketers Can Give Your Law Firm a Boost

With thousands of lawyers across the US, standing apart from them and marketing your firm can be challenging. As more and more business turns to an online-only or first model, Firms are becoming more aggressive with their SEO efforts.

Business News

The Ashley Madison Hack Exposed Cheaters Everywhere. Now Hulu Is Rehashing the Scandal.

Ashley Madison is known for privately connecting people to extramarital affairs, but the website was found to not be as anonymous as it promised.

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These Are the Highest Paid CEOs — And 9 Make More Than $100 Million a Year, According to a New Report

Blackstone CEO Stephen Schwarzman took the top spot from Alphabet's Sundar Pichai in total compensation in 2022.

Growing a Business

46% of All Google Searches Have to Do With Location, One Report Says — and Purchases Often Follow. Here's How to Boost Your Business' Visibility Locally.

Explore proven techniques and actionable tips to help you enhance your business visibility in your community and stay ahead of the competition.

Science & Technology

Writing Content With AI Won't Help You Win Against Google Search Rankings. Here's Why.

While it might be convenient to use artificial intelligence like ChatGPT to assist in writing content for your website, blog or other business-related work, you might want to be cautious of how much you lean on it for help.


5 Critical Marketing Tools for Fast-Growing Companies

Setbacks are inevitable for any business, but for fast-growing companies in particular, scaling and resources can be some of the biggest challenges. That's why choosing the right marketing tools is crucial for long-term success.

Science & Technology

Why Proactivity With Data Security and Privacy Is More Important Than Ever — and How to Be on Top of It

Learn how data masking is revolutionizing healthcare data security by replacing sensitive information with fictitious data, safeguarding patient privacy and protecting against cyberattacks.


ChatGPT vs. Traditional SEO — Which is Best for Your Business?

Discover the ideal digital strategy for your business as we analyze the battle between ChatGPT and Traditional SEO.

Data & Recovery

Statistical Significance: Here Are Some Examples, Types and More

Unravel statistical significance: examples, types and its pivotal role in research and informed decisions. Boost your data literacy today.

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'We Expect to Leak the Data': Reddit Hackers Demand $4.5 Million and API Pricing Changes But Say They Doubt The Company Will Pay

The ransomware group BlackCat (also known as ALPHV) is threatening to release 80 gigabytes of data if Reddit doesn't meet the hackers' demands.

Growing a Business

Why SEO Is Critical for Small Businesses (and How to Improve It)

A strong web presence will guide a company to new customers and greater profits.

Data & Recovery

Save Over $100 Off This Top-Rated VPN for a Limited Time

Every entrepreneur should browse on a VPN.

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If You Used Google Anytime Between 2006 and 2013, the Company May Owe You Money—Here's How to Collect

Google is paying $23 million to settle a class-action lawsuit that claims it violated user privacy by sharing data with third parties.