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Entrepreneurs Succeed by Showing up Every Day and Earning It There are no shortcuts but there is always work that needs to be done.

By Kimanzi Constable Edited by Dan Bova

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The idea of entrepreneurship is beautiful. You wake up each day believing you're in control of your life and can spend that day doing whatever you want. All the while, your business is generating income taking away the stress of financial pressures. You are creating something that lets you live life on your terms and make an impact in the life of others. The income and other opportunities are a fun bonus.

While the idea is great, the everyday reality doesn't always equal the dream. Depending on what stats you believe, there are entrepreneurs quitting their businesses as fast others are starting one. Entrepreneurship can be a hard lonely journey at times and the issues are compounded when not enough income is being generated.

Successful entrepreneurs understand that challenges are lessons and opportunities for greater growth. They overcome obstacles because of their understanding of these four points. Use these principles to build a business that gives you financial security and true freedom in every area of your life.

They realize there's not just "one thing" needed to open up the floodgates of opportunity.

Everywhere you look, you see a course being offered that promises the "one thing" or some secret strategy to unlock wealth and opportunity. Thousands of frustrated entrepreneurs buy into this fantasy because they hope it's the missing link. Successful entrepreneurs understand that there is no one thing. They know that there are 100 things and steps to accomplish any major achievement.

There are programs, courses and coaches you can hire that will help you speed up the process. They can help you with a strategies and tactics to make moves quicker. But, there is no substitute for putting in the work. Successful entrepreneurs show up every day ready to do that work. Don't get sucked into great marketing. Hire professionals and invest in training but only in a way that helps the work you're already doing. The floodgates open after you've been consistently putting in the work.

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They stop searching for an "in" and commit to putting in the work.

Connections and relationships help a business grow but successful entrepreneurs understand that you don't need them to create opportunity. They stop always searching for that "in" and instead focus on the circumstances they can control. You could end up paying thousands of dollars to get an introduction or connection to an opportunity and still have it not pan out. Stop searching for what you don't need.

We live in an amazing time. We have tools and technology to make amazing things possible. Whatever business you're building, you can do it without a connection or an "in." Commit to consistently putting in the work that helps your next steps.

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They don't use shady tactics.

Shady tactics may work for a little while but the truth has a funny way of always coming out. Successful entrepreneurs are honest and real. They run from shady tactics. Their work ethic is what they rely on to accomplish their goals. Don't get tempted by a quick opportunity that's less than honorable.

Don't skirt the line. Don't do things like list companies "you've worked with" when you only had a passing association there, or if you worked there in the traditional sense but are trying to play it off as if they've done business with you. Don't list entrepreneurs as clients when you've only had a brief association with them. Stay far above board as an entrepreneur.

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They focus all their time on growth.

The key to success in entrepreneurship and life is becoming the best version of yourself in every part of your life. You become successful when you wake up every day focused on what will help you grow. You don't waste time on conversations with entrepreneurs who are all talk. You don't waste time endlessly searching social media. You don't waste time attending every free training in hopes that it gives you the missing link.

You plan out your days, weeks, months and years. That plan includes time for the things that help you grow in every area of your life and it cuts out the typical time wasters. Successful entrepreneurs understand and implement personal development into their life.

You have the opportunity to build a business that helps you live out with all of your life goals. But it's not going to happen if you don't understand these four principles. You have everything you need to create the business of your dreams. Put your head down and do the work. You'll be surprised in a good way by what happens next.

Kimanzi Constable

Content Marketing Strategist

Kimanzi Constable is an author of four books and has been published in over 80 publications and magazines. He is the co-founder of Results Global Impact Consulting. He teaches businesses modern content strategies. Join him at RGIC.

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