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Would You Say No to a $2 Million Investment Offer?

On this episode of 'Elevator Pitch,' things go very, very big.


For the seasonal finale of Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch, we saved the most intense negotiation for last. Without giving away too many details, one entrepreneur gets the biggest offer in show history — but it comes with a catch. You'll have to watch to see what happens.

A quick review of the rules before we get into the details on this episode rundown: Each week on our show, entrepreneurs are challenged to step into an elevator and pitch their business on camera to a board of investors in 60 seconds or less. If the investors like what they hear, the elevator doors open to reveal the boardroom, and contestants have the chance to walk away with life-changing funding, mentorship from the smartest minds in business and a personal and brand-defining moment.

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Episode 8 Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch board of investors:

  • Swan Sit, Clubhouse influencer and advisor to global brands
  • Brad Woodgate, CEO and founder of No Sugar Company and Joyburst
  • Jacob Peters, founder and managing partner at House Capital

Episode 8 Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch contestants:

  • Brandon Feinstein of Fit Oven, healthy and hot vending machine meals
  • Grace Patterson and Cristi Fosher of Badkiss, an apparel company with a women's empowerment message
  • Jonathan Schultz of Backyard Beverage Co., barista-inspired coffee syrups and mixologist-inspired cocktail syrups
  • Jarrod Stoldt of Skin the Tix, an innovative day spa
  • Andrew Lee of Otis Dental, an affordable fix for nighttime teeth grinding

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Who wins, and who gets sent down?

Without exaggeration, this episode features the highest-energy entrepreneurs in show history. But does a great pitch translate to a great product? And be sure to stick around until the end. One entrepreneur gets an offer that blows away the rest in terms of dollars, but is it the right deal that aligns with their vision?

Thanks for watching this season and be on the lookout for season nine where they'll be more entrepreneurs, more deals, and more stress in the elevator!

Season 8 of Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch is brought to you by Amazon Business with support from State Farm and Canon. New episodes stream Wednesdays on Follow Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch on Facebook, YouTube and IGTV.


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