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3 Publishing Trends You Must Know in 2024

Audiobooks, ebooks and AI are incredible for the opportunities provided and our wider availability to reach others.


Play Your Favorite Vinyls Anywhere With This Portable Record Player, Now Just $89.99

Say hello to what's said to be the smallest portable record player on the market.

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Listen to Work Calls with These Waterproof, Power-Packed Earbuds for Just $39.99

With 180 hours of listening on a full charge, these are a convenient way to listen to your favorite playlists or podcasts.

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Learn Music Production From Certified Experts for Just $60

Become a music production pro in your own time with Noiselab.

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This Plug-and-Play Microphone Makes Recording Audio for Your Business Easy

Elevate your audio now for just $39.99.

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Dad Can Disconnect With These Noise-Canceling Earbuds, Now Just $59.97

Boost productivity with these wireless earbuds.


Don't Mute Your Business — How the Power of Sound Can Elevate Your Brand

In a crowded world, companies are looking for new and more innovative ways to break through, and they realize they have a new secret weapon: sound.

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See How Much More Productive You Can Be with a Pair of Wireless Earphones, Only $37.99

Multitask more efficiently with a pair of JBL earphones.

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Stay Connected With These High-Quality Wireless Headphones, Now for Less Than $35

Enjoy wireless sound while remaining aware of your surroundings.

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Pocket FM Secures $16 Million Debt Funding

The company will use the fund raised to double its strategic priorities to strengthen its audio series library, expand its creator community by attracting creative minds globally, and accelerate its revenue growth

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Tune in Without Totally Tuning out With These Headphones, Now $75 Off

These sleek headphones offer six hours of playback.

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This $30 Audio Editor Could Help Market Your Business

Remove the audio from a song in moments with this AI tool.

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Get a Lifetime Subscription to This AI Voiceover App for Just $50

Embrace AI for your digital content creation with this app, now $69 off.

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Listen to Music Without Blocking Out the World with These Headphones

Get a pair of open ear induction headphones for just $33.99.

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He Left a Steady Corporate Job and Turned His Music Passion Into a Thriving Audio Tech Company

Darren Nakonechny breaks down the launch and growth of Flock Audio.