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No, AI Isn't Coming for Software Developers' Jobs — Here's Why

Rather than stealing jobs, AI is making in-demand and over-taxed developers significantly more productive, leading to big gains for innovation.

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Get a Python Education for Just $24 for a Limited Time

Knowing how to code can advance your career or help your business run more efficiently.

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Invest in a Python Education for only $10

With this deal, you can study the coding language behind ChatGPT.

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This $40 Learn-to-Code Bundle Could Save Your Business Money

Reduce your IT budget by learning to code.

Growing a Business

How to Harness Cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning to Boost Your Business Productivity

Uncover the transformative power of cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for small businesses, exploring its benefits, integration strategies and how to choose the right provider for enhanced productivity and efficiency.

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Why Software Developers Are Flocking to Smaller Businesses Over Big Tech

Why there's been a growing trend of software developers joining smaller businesses and startups instead of big tech companies — and what SMBs can do to continue attracting and retaining top developer talent.

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Which Software Solution Is Best for Your Business? Here's How to Decide.

SaaS vs. custom software development: Which is the safest bet for you?

Starting a Business

16-Year-Old Tejas Ravishankar Is Hoping To Harness (And Celebrate) The Magic Of Coding Through His Tech Startup, Dimension

Ravishankar built Dimension to address the many shortcomings that deter open source software projects from reaching their full potential.

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Learn to Use AI, Code, and More in This $60 Bundle

Get real-world instruction taught by real pros.

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4 Reasons Low-Code Tools Will Never Replace Software Developers

While low-code tools have become a go-to solution for companies and businesses, they'll never replace developers. Here's why.

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Master Coding for Less Than $2 a Course with This Jam-Packed Bundle

Make coding understandable with this beginner-friendly coding bundle, now just $19.99.

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Why Software Talent Is Still in Demand Despite Tech Layoffs, Downturn and a Potential Recession

Despite the layoffs and fears of an economic recession, top tech talent is still in demand.

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Learn the Popular Programming Languages C and C++ for Just $5 a Course with This Deal

Score eight informative courses and learn to code for just $40.