Thought Leaders

4 Ways Leaders Can Navigate Change and Find the Hidden Opportunities

Navigating change is the anchor for strong leadership in 2023. Here are some key strategies to successfully lead through change — and even embrace it — as the new year kicks into high gear.

Paul Walker

Patience Is a Key Leadership Skill — But You Don't Want to Be a Pushover. Here's How to Balance It.

Leaders must find the balance between extending too much patience and too little to create a supportive, productive and safe workplace.

Daniel Todd

5 Things No One Tells You About Working for Yourself

Having worked for myself for over six years, I'm sharing the taboos no one tells you when you set up on your own.

Laura Stupple

Not Where You Want to Be with Diversity and Inclusion? Consider a Bite-Sized Approach.

Starting with a bite-sized approach is the key to authentically weaving diversity, equity and inclusion into the culture of your business, rather than implementing one-off DEI initiatives. Here's why.

Julie Kratz

6 Things Gen Z Employees Want Their Managers to Know About the Workplace in 2023

The workplace environment is constantly evolving and changing, and for younger employees like those in Gen Z, traditional office politics are not something they care about. Here's how you can capture their attention instead.

Pierre Raymond

How I'm Unlearning the Toxic Pattern of Always Wanting More — and How You Can, Too.

It can be extremely hard to stay sane in a world of moving goalposts and the constant comparison game, but here's why learning to be okay with what you have will transform your life.

Kale Goodman

Focus on These 5 Traits to Help You Stand Out as a Leader

Some people believe leaders are born while others assume leadership can be obtained — regardless of which group you belong to, there are certain traits that will surely land you on this year's top leaders list.

Ivan Popov

How Small Thank Yous Can Have a Big Impact on Your Business

Expressing gratitude is good for workplace culture — and when it's done right, it's a positive boost to both the giver and the receiver. Here are three ways to pack more power into your thank yous.

Milind Pant

The 3 Questions Every Entrepreneur Needs to Be Able to Answer

What's your competitive edge? Leaders should continually ask what goals they want to achieve.

Aytekin Tank

2023 Is The Year and a Fear of Uncertainty. Here's How to Navigate It.

As we kick off 2023, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to develop a relationship with uncertainty and get more comfortable with its existence. Here are seven ways to harness the unknown and find opportunity within that uncertainty.

What You Need to Do to Get Your Team Ready for 2023

The new year promises a fresh start. Start preparing your team today in order to take advantage of it.

I Run a Business With My Husband. Here's How We Make It Work (and How You Can, Too).

Working with your spouse can be challenging, but more often than not, it's so rewarding. Here's what I've learned and experienced co-founding and running a business with my husband.

Rebecca Miller