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Lauren Sánchez Says This Is the One Thing 'People Don't Really Know' About Her Fiancé Jeff Bezos

Sánchez was interviewed by her longtime friend, actor and producer Eva Longoria.


Don't Let These 3 Common Obstacles Get in Your Way — Here's How to Turn Them Into Building Blocks for Success

We all have limitations we bring to the table — but these three business challenges are ones almost everyone is bound to face. Here's how you can ensure you have the right tools in your tool belt to overcome those challenges with ease.


Some Gen Z Employees Lack Enthusiasm About Work For Good Reason. Here's Why — Plus 3 Ways to Start Motivating Them.

Many leaders are still viewing the workplace like a photographer with only one lens, but younger generations grew up with an entirely different worldview.

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Mark Zuckerberg Says an Upcoming Meta Product Left Testers 'Giddy'

Meta is almost ready to show this gadget to the public.

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Growing a Business

What Happens After You Win 'Top Chef'? One Former Champion Shares His Story: 'It Was Just Insane.'

Chef Joe Flamm dishes about becoming a celebrity chef, finding his love for Balkan cuisine, and why he keeps it real on social media.


How To Be An Empathetic Leader (Without Getting Walked All Over)

These three principles were vital in helping me scale my business to 8-figures in three years.

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How Much Does It Cost to Develop and Train AI? Here's the Current Price, According to the CEO of an $18 Billion AI Startup.

There's a sky-high bar to creating AI, and an expert says it will get even more expensive.


A Successful Partnership Hinges on Careful Planning and Execution. Here Are 7 Things You Need to Ensure Partnership Success.

We'll examine key considerations that can shape a partnership's trajectory, ensuring its longevity and success.


Authenticity Is the Latest Business Buzzword — But Don't Fall Into Its Trap. You Need to Balance It With This.

While I see the value in leading with authenticity, my experiences as a CEO lead me to believe there is more to the story. Does being yourself guarantee success in a constantly changing market?

Business Culture

Planning to Undergo a Business Transformation? Here Are 5 Tips to Help You Get Started

Undergoing a transformation in any business can be challenging, especially for an established company. As a leader, you'll want to ensure the business and, most importantly, your teams are ready to take on the challenge.

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Steve Ballmer Is Now Worth $157 Billion — More Than His Former Microsoft Boss Bill Gates

Steve Ballmer's fortune grew from $77 billion in November 2022 to $157.2 billion at Monday's close.

Growing a Business

The Way People Sell Online is Fundamentally Flawed — Here's What to Do Instead

Live launching and traditional evergreen strategies are outdated marketing tactics. Here's how to build an evergreen funnel that actually converts.


Why Leaders Who Can Properly Delegate Will Avoid This Suffocating Business Trap

The infamous "Founder's Trap" — where founders or leads end up taking on too much — can stagnate any company's growth. Learn how to avoid it by delegating.

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Elon Musk Praises Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang's Leadership Style: 'Absolutely the Right Attitude'

Huang co-founded the now trillion-dollar AI chip maker Nvidia at a Denny's in San Jose, California, 31 years ago.


"It Was Horrifying and Scary": Bar Rescue's Jon Taffer Describes the First Time He Screamed at Someone on Camera

Here's why Jon Taffer first started yelling on TV — and what it can teach every new manager.