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How Barbara Corcoran Turned Her Ex-Boyfriend's Insults Into Motivation to Succeed

If you're struggling to recover after a bad breakup – or any difficult event, for that matter – this video is for you.

Looking back on her early days in the real-estate business, Shark Tank star Barbara Corcoran recalls the moment when her boyfriend and business partner Ramon Simone told her – after seven years together – that he was going to marry the company's secretary. One year later, when they finally split the business, Simone told Corcoran, "You know, you will never succeed without me."

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"I knew when he said that, I would rather die than let you see me not succeed," says Corcoran. "Thank God for the gift of the insult."

Check out the video for more on how Barbara Corcoran learned to turn insults into success and why she prefers to invest in entrepreneurs with something to prove. 

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