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How do I attract top performers to my company?

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I want employees who both fit with our unique culture and are talented. The pool of candidates is enormous and filtering through resumes is painful.
I do entire seminars on how to effectively recruit and build a great team. It is not a one-sentence or one-paragraph subject. But here are the basic steps involved:

Step 1:
Start by really defining the position and creating a set of comprehensive job specifications. Include skills needed to do the work and information regarding personality and behavioral traits that are being sought and consider compensation, work environment, work hours, travel required, and benefits to be provided

Step 2:
Develop a search strategy to find the particular type and level of talent needed. Tactics may include job postings, social media contact, print ads, and/or proactively pursuing candidates through your industry contacts.

Step 3:
Using key words when reviewing resumes, select those of the most qualified and that live within a reasonable commute to the work place.

Step 4:
Conduct extremely thorough standardized phone interviews gathering information on employability factors such as the reason the individual is on the job market, the work record and compensation history.

Step 5:
When sensible, use online testing and/or assessing of candidates. These are inexpensive and easy to administer with instant reporting. They provide objective data to help you select the best candidates.

Step 6:
Interview the finalists using standardized interview forms and selection worksheets to ensure that your interviews go most smoothly and are most effective.

Step 7:
Use professional materials to extend the offer and conduct background checks. Drug screens are also an excellent idea.

Step 8:
Make sure that your on-boarding or orientation process is in good order. Don't lose a great person in whom you have invested so much time by using the sink-or-swim methodology of "Welcome to the Company."

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