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7 Strategies for Entrepreneurs in Partner and Affiliate Marketing

Here are seven ways you need to keep in mind while working with marketing partners for your company.


Your Brand Definitely Has a Voice. But Is It the One You Want?

"What kind of brand voice conveys such a crazy ambitious mission?" Six founders on figuring out what their brand should sound like.


Your Public Messaging Strategy Starts With Your Inner Circle

Entrepreneurs spend hours planning and developing key messaging strategies to broaden the reach of their business. Instead, start with an "inner circle" core of family, friends, colleagues, and most importantly an existing customer and vendor base.


How to Use Your Human Design to Effectively Market Your Business

As you leverage your human design in your marketing strategy, take what resonates and leave the rest.

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5 Things Journalists Wish You Knew About Getting Press Coverage for Your Company

Strengthen your PR efforts — and optimize your marketing budget — by learning what reporters are looking for.


5 Essential Tips for Mastering Your Next Brand Photoshoot

Discover the expert strategies to plan and execute a successful brand photoshoot that aligns with your brand's identity, captures attention and leaves a lasting impression on your audience.


Los 5 principios que necesitas para crear una imagen de marca magnética

Utiliza estas estrategias para ayudar a tu negocio a pasar de buscar nuevos clientes a hacer que los nuevos clientes te busquen a ti.


How to Create a Company Profile in 8 Simple Steps

If your business does not have a clear and unique identity, it will naturally be tough to raise investment or create a brand that customers prefer.

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This 'Star Wars' Ornament Is the Most Ridiculous (and Amazing) Thing We've Seen: 'Take My Wallet'

An "The Empire Strikes Back" tree ornament is going viral on Twitter for its intricate, dorky display.

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She Used $10,000 in Savings to Turn Her Side Hustle Into an 8-Figure Brand You've Probably Seen

Janessa Leone always aspired to be a fashion founder, but her road to owning an internationally recognized brand beloved by A-list celebrities was a winding, "quite kismet" one.


Los newsletters no están muertos — y te pueden ayudar a ganar dinero. Así es cómo los boletines informativos brindan una oportunidad única a los emprendedores

Aprovecha los boletines informativos para crear nuevas posibilidades para tu negocio, construir tu marca personal y cultivar una poderosa audiencia.


How To Create Engaging Video Content for Your Brand

Video marketing is in demand, and it doesn't have to cost a ton to create solid content with terrific reach and impact.


The 5 Principles You Need to Create a Magnetic Brand Image

Use these strategies to help your business shift from looking for new clients to having new clients look for you.


Newsletters Aren't Dead — And They Can Help You Make Money. Here's How Newsletters Are Providing a Unique Opportunity for Entrepreneurs

Leverage newsletters to create new possibilities for your business, build your personal brand and cultivate a powerful audience.

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YouTube vs. Facebook Ads: Which Is Better? Here's Your Answer

Facebook's great marketing results are things of the past thanks to privacy policy changes, but is YouTube truly better for advertising?