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How to Make Decisions About Relationships, Social Channels and More

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In this episode of Answers to QuestionsLemonly co-founder and CEO John T. Meyer discusses alternative career paths, personal and professional relationships, social media channels and more. He talks about the benefits of working in a niche market, where it's possible to get to know an industry more deeply and solve a key problem for businesses or consumers.

On the topic of business relationships, he notes the importance of flexibility. Although it's important to draw a line between the professional and personal, Meyer points out, "At the end of the day, relationships are more important than business." Don't be afraid to let relationships grow in both the professional and personal worlds, because the combination of both elements will make the relationship that much stronger.

In discussing which social networks are best for a company, Meyer mentions the importance of both audience and an organization's particular skills. However, because social media is always changing, Meyer says, "don't stick your feet in the ground and only do one social network. Be willing to experiment a little bit and tweak."

Click play to learn more about Meyer's decision-making philosophies, as well as to hear him answer some bonus questions from a Facebook Live audience.

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