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Facebook announces that it will stop using facial recognition on its networks

After several criticisms and accusations about the privacy of users on the social network, Facebook announces that it will remove all the data that has been collected in the years that the technology has been used.

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Facial recognition has been a part of Facebook for years and has had unexpected effects on users. That's why the company announced Tuesday that it was going to stop using the software. This technology made it possible to identify users in photos or videos that others posted. The most used social network in the world also promised to delete all the data that has been collected through this software.

Glen Carrie vía Unsplash

Jerome Presenti, Facebook's Vice President of Artificial Intelligence, wrote a blog post updating readers on his decision to leave that technology behind.

"We need to weigh the positive use cases for facial recognition against growing societal concerns, especially as regulators have yet to provide clear rules," he wrote in the post.

This change will be one of the biggest transformations in the use of the facial recognition program. More than a third of Facebook users had chosen to allow their face to be recognized and to be notified when they appeared in a post.

Although they believe that facial recognition is an important tool that can be used in very positive ways to prevent fraud, for social use it continues to present challenges. The company will continue to research and develop this technology with the help of outside experts, but will not use it again until the limits are clear.