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What Entrepreneurs Need to Know About Early-Stage Funding

Early-stage VCs focus on entrepreneurs and start-ups with a large market and high potential for quick, long-term growth

Sanket Parekh

4 Tips By redBus Co-founder Phanindra Sama On Pitching To VCs

Speaking at the online event Startup Funding Summit organised by MyDreamStore.in, Sama said entrepreneurs need to be themselves while pitching

Do it now! Start Early! Start When You are Young

If we are passionate about this industry, work doesn't seem like work, It's like we are always brainstorming on the topic we love the most

Networking for Dummies: How is it Beneficial for Entrepreneurs

For every entrepreneur, regardless of their stage it is important to network and take home notes on their idea

How Can Early-stage Start-ups Manage Their Finances

Being bootstrapped, it is important for a founder to calculate every move and literally, every penny

Sanchita Dash

How Should Early-stage Start-ups Manage their Finances

Controlling your finances while you build a revenue stream for your company is the task in hand for most early stage startups

Sanchita Dash