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People's Pops and Its Vision for the Way We Eat

David Carrell, Joel Horowitz and Nathalie Jordi started up People's Pops in 2008 on a whim. At the time, Jordi was asked to participate in a market in lower Manhattan, and she happily accepted. The only problem was, she didn't have anything to sell. So the food writer thought: ice pops.

She roped in long-time friends Carrell and Horowitz, and the trio sold out of their ice pops in no time. That was the seed that gave rise to People's Pops, the fresh-fruit, herb-infused ice-pops maker and retailer. With four shops in New York City, the company is now setting its sights on growth.

In this episode of Young Visionaries, we talk to Carrell and Horowitz about the struggles they face in growing the business beyond its sweet summer-treat beginnings.

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