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ZocDoc Is Cyrus Massoumi's Vision of Delivering Better Health Care

Cyrus Massoumi ruptured his ear-drum on a flight several years ago and was unable to find a physician to see him. That gave him the idea for ZocDoc, which he founded in 2007, an online platform that lets its users easily schedule appointments with the types of physicians they are seeking who accept their insurance.

Fast-forward to 2013 and Massoumi and his team have achieved this vision and taken their platform nationwide across the U.S. Along the way they have raised $95 million from investors and gained recognition by major media outlets for the work culture they have built at ZocDoc. More than 2.5 million people use the product today across 1,800 cities.

Dave Lerner sat down with Massoumi and got a good sense of his vision for the company, as well as his approach and attitude as an entrepreneur. In this piece Massoumi goes into detail about how his company achieved an award-winning workplace culture and what he means by his homemade term: "Humbition." He also describes the the surprising way he got his first customer.

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