Why Pinterest Is Driving Social Engagement (and How You Can Take Advantage)

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Pinterest is leading the way for social growth. In a recent Forbes article, tool ShareThis said “Pinners,” or Pinterest users, had more share activity than Facebook or Twitter users in 2013.

Key to the platform's success is its ability to reach beyond sheer follower numbers to focus on purchase intent and brand engagement. Harnessing the interest of rabid pinners can mean organic brand connection for companies in a way that Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets can’t match. With the right tools and metrics, businesses have the opportunity to engage with Pinners in a way that does not feel pushy or distracting.

In this video, Noah Abelson, chief executive officer and co-founder of marketing firm Shareroot, shares tips on how companies can better understand Pinterest, and approach the platform in a way that drives interest in their brands.

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