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A Look at Tomorrow's Tomorrow: We Will Live Inside Computers

Computers are getting infinitesimally small. By the time we get to the year 2020, the size of the computational chip that drives our smartphones, our tech gadgets and our computers will approach zero, says Brian David Johnson, the resident futurist at Intel.

And as that happens, we will be able to put computer chips into our Band-Aids, allowing us to monitor the health of a sick child from a distance. The power of computation will surround us, becoming part of the walls, tunnels, and bridges of the cities we live in, Johnson told at The Feast social innovation conference in New York City this past fall.

As our ability to control aspects of our lives through technology increases, so does our ability to do harm. That's the challenge. “The greatest danger is not being present and not understanding that we imbue our technology with our sense of humanity,” Johnson says. “We have to be responsible.”

Watch this video to hear more from Johnson on his views of the future as human beings continue to dance into the ever-after with their own technological manifestations.


Intel's Futurist: We'll Soon Be Living In Computers

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