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Tell Us: Uber, Lyft or Traditional Taxi -- What's Your Favorite Way of Getting a Ride?

Nobody walks in L.A., including Scott Gerber.

The Young Entrepreneur Council founder and New York City native doesn’t drive his own wheels, rental car or otherwise, in the City of Angels either. He leaves the notoriously tough job up to Uber.

In a single day on a business trip, Gerber says he will often have five meetings in a 40-mile spread across sprawling Los Angeles, the nation’s 12th largest city by area. And, like many busy bosses and business people, he doesn’t have time to deal with ordering cabs, limos and shuttles to get from place to place.

In this video, Gerber and Brent Reinhard, general manager of Ink from Chase, sing Uber’s praises – but we want to hear from you. What's your favorite way of hitching a ride?


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