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Why Quality Sleep Matters: Your Weekly Tips Roundup and Quote of the Week

It’s tough to track the latest strategies for startup success. We've done the hard work for you with this week's roundup of advice from our small-business experts.

  • Online marketing guru Jayson Demers says entrepreneurship isn’t for the fearless – it’s for the well-prepared, especially if your startup runs out of cash. He shares tips for seeking reliable revenue streams.
  • Jonathan Axelrod of Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator says the best business ideas share this one quality. Hint: they don’t just fill market gaps and needs.
  • If you find yourself burning the midnight oil as you run your small business, James Clear suggests you rethink that strategy. He explains why it's important to focus on sleep quality and intensity, as well as duration. 

And the quote of the week comes from Shark Tank star Barbara Corcoran on her ability to come bounce back from failure: 

“I learned that in growing a business, you've got to be good at one thing and that's handling failure. I am so good at failure, it’s like my specialty.”

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