Tony Robbins: What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From the World's Top Hedge Fund Manager

Hedge fund culture may be vastly different from the world of startups, but entrepreneurs shouldn’t turn a blind eye to useful lessons from high finance. That’s why in his book, Money: Master the Game, Tony Robbins delves into the mind of Ray Dalio of Bridgewater Associates.

With approximately $120 billion in assets under management, Dalio runs the world’s largest investment firm. Based in a campus-like nature preserve in Westport, Conn., that encourages meditation and a distinct environment of “radical openness,” some may say he runs Bridgewater’s culture more like a Silicon Valley startup than a traditional Wall Street establishment.

We can learn just as much from how Dalio views the world and life than his investing strategy. In this video, Robbins previews the billionaire investor’s ideal portfolio and also illustrates the core entrepreneurial principle that has led the former caddy from Queens, N.Y., to run the world’s largest hedge fund.

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