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Emerging Entrepreneur of 2014 Winner: 'We've Had Many, Many Failures'

Yapp founder Maria Seidman found a thriving business in giving people an easy way to create their own apps. But her journey as an entrepreneur was far from easy.

"We met a lot of headwind trying to get that idea out in the world," Seidman told an audience of business leaders at Entrepreneur's Growth Conference 2015 in Miami. "We had people telling us at that point in time that mobile apps were really the 'warts' of the Internet ecosystem. Wasn't Apple totally going to shut us down? Wasn't Google just going to copy us tomorrow?" In starting her business, she and her team felt the lows of letting talented people go, as well as the highs of enjoyable customer interactions. 

Seidman, who was named Entrepreneur's Emerging Entrepreneur of 2014, shared the story of her journey through the valleys and hills of entrepreneurship with the crowd, and tells Entrepreneur about the big risk she took in order to stay true to her vision. Watch this short video to learn from this founder's story.

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