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Jolt Yourself Out of Your Routine. That Billion-Dollar Business Idea Could Be Waiting.

There’s a reason the Burning Man festival in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert has become a destination for technology entrepreneurs. To participate, you have to physically and emotionally step outside of your comfort zone -- you have to build a shelter for yourself, endure no electricity or running water and are expected to collaborate with strangers to serve the Burning Man community. And it’s in that place of heightened creativity where crazy ideas become less crazy and melt into the realm of possibility.  

Entrepreneurs “go there to dissolve boundaries and hopefully to take some insights and epiphanies back into their everyday life,” says Jason Silva, the Emmy-nominated host of the Emmy-nominated show Brain Games on NatGeo. “They come out of it and they build companies that, within a year, are worth over a billion dollars.”

By removing yourself from your daily routine -- whether by visiting a new place or just by taking time out of your day to meditate -- you open yourself up to experiencing new ways of seeing things, says Silva, who also runs the YouTube channel Shots of Awe. Those feelings of wonderment, in turn, can expand your own expectations of what’s possible.

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“There’s a reason that tech entrepreneurs are so utopian,” Silva says. “They have connected the dots in ways that most of us cannot fathom. They believe they can change the world. There is a sort of naivete there. There is a realization that reality is coupled to perception.” In other words, by experiencing something new, you liberate your creativity.

If you aren’t already working on your Burning Man RV, fret not. There are less extreme ways to both externally and internally push yourself to stay on the edge of your own definition of possible.

Watch this video to learn how to live in a constantly creative, inspired reality.

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