De Blasio Backs Off Proposed Uber Cap -- Your Weekly News

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New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio and his administration backed down from a proposed cap to curb the growth of transport companies like Uber and Lyft. editorial director Ray Hennessey writes about the wave of backlash pushing the unpopular plan to the backburner -- at least for now.

Drones in the United Kingdom must obey a new "dronecode." The British Civil Aviation Authority launched a new set of safety rules this week after several near-misses between drones and aircrafts.

Meanwhile, a New York fast-food workers are closer to seeing a raise in the minimum wage to $15, a historic move that could see ripples nationwide. It's meeting staunch opposition from major fast-food chains, writes our franchise reporter Kate Taylor.  

In other fast-food news, the nation's oldest-running Pizza Hut is closing its doors after 55 years in business, shining light on how consumer needs have shifted. 

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