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Genius Co-Founder Reveals His 'Aha' Moment

Tom Lehman never saw himself as a coder. The Genius co-founder had actually planned to be a lawyer. But he’d eventually learn the basics, steps that led to the co-founding of his startup that allows readers and experts to annotate everything from rap lyrics to presidential debates on the Web. To date, Genius has raised close to $57 million in funding, according to CrunchBase.

Says Lehman, if you want to bring something to life on the Internet, don’t hire out the programming. He urges entrepreneurs to try their hand at it themselves first, even if it seems intimidating. “It would be easier for you to code yourself than to find someone to do it for you,” says Lehman.

While he’s thankful for how things have turned out, he adds, “It also makes me nervous to know that if things gone a little different, I wouldn’t have discovered this thing that’s a passion for me.”

In this short video, learn how coding basics helped him launch his Brooklyn-based startup.

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