What Made This Entrepreneur Ditch a Flourishing Corporate Career And Become A Go Getter

Vishal Bali had a flourishing corporate career as the Group CEO of Fortis Healthcare. It all changed when his elderly father told him how challenging it is to visit hospitals for elderly patients for their regular check-ups. That’s when Vishal decided to put on the entrepreneur’s hat and leave the luxuries of a corporate life.

Medwell was founded in 2014, with a vision to create an innovative healthcare delivery system for out-of-hospital care. Being an early mover in the home healthcare delivery segment, Startup caters to the growing demand for high quality speciality medical care services at home.

“I have been in healthcare delivery for 25 years now and first build wockhardt Hospitals right from their first ventured which in bengalore and all the way through 19 hospitals that wockhardt set up. I have spent 19 years with wockhardt setting up their various hospitals across the country. Post that 10 hospital of Wockhardt were acquired by Fortis healthcare, so I went on to join there as there group CEO.  In 2013 I decided that it was the time to do something different and what I want to do in next phase of my life was to look at a very new and disrupted healthcare delivery model. And that’s how I incubated Medwell Ventures along with very dear friend of mine,” said Vishal Bali, Co-founder and Chairman, Medwell Ventures.

Following the acquisition of Nightingales Home Health Services, Medwell has grown rapidly in Bangalore. It recently established operations in Hyderabad and is currently in the advanced stages of a Mumbai launch; it plans to build its network across ten metro clusters in India and increase its subscriber base to cover over 500,000 families.

Entrepreneur India interacted with Bali to know more about his transition and life as a startup entrepreneur. 

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