John McAfee Offers Ashley Madison Post-Hack Analysis

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In this short video, famed computer programmer and anti-virus pioneer John McAfee discusses the curiosity of last year's Ashley Madison hack, where a group of hackers leaked data, including user details, from the company -- an online dating service for married people looking to have affairs. 

A second data dump revealed intimate emails written by Noel Biderman, the CEO of Avid Life Media, which owned Ashley Madison. 

With all of the details released subsequent to the scandal -- facts like Ashley Madison had a 3,000 to one male-to-female ratio for users -- McAfee suggests that many of the female "users" were actually computer-generated.

"We know that the CEO got laid, because we have his emails," he says. "But other than him, I don't know anyone who did get laid."

It makes you think about all online dating sites -- are all the women real? What is really being purchased here? Watch the video for more insights. 

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