Don't Be Afraid to 'Be Born Again' Into Your Most Authentic Self

After traveling the world for much on last year, Dr. Dragos finally returned to his home in Romania last Christmas. Being back in the snow-covered mountains, he said he was reminded of an old story about an old man traveling throught the mountains with his grandson. 

He tells his grandson that he wants to stay under the starry sky overnight -- because it will be his last night on Earth. What transpires is a lesson in life and death. Yes, people are usually afraid to die -- but an unborn baby is also afraid to be born. 

Don't be afraid to be "born again" at whatever point in your life into your most authentic self.

"Even though you will have scary moments in the pursuit of your dreams, even though you will doubt yourself -- in spite of all of this, you will have an amazing journey," he says. 

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