Seth Godin Explains How Taking a Risk Is Actually the Safest Thing to Do These Days

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In 2012, author and entrepreneur Seth Godin put together a picture book for adults called V Is for Vulnerable: Life Outside the Comfort Zone. In this Behind the Brand video interview, Godin explains the difference between an individual's comfort zone and safety zone in their individual pursuits. 

"All creatures need a shortcut, because we don't have time to re-evaluate the safety of everything," he says. "Successful people need to build a comfort zone that matches their safety zone."

He uses the example of the thousand of layoffs that happened in the '80s at Ford Motor Company of people being too comfortable -- and acting on that comfort. 

"What would have happened in 1987 if the UAW went on strike, not for more wages -- but to insist that Ford make better-looking, better designed cars?" he says. 

Click play to learn more. 

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