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W Hotels' Brand Leader Has Cracked the Code in Scaling Boutique-Style Luxury

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In this video interview on Behind the Brand, Anthony Ingham, global brand leader for W Hotels Worldwide, describes how he's been able to scale luxury through the unique boutique-style hotel chain, now with 46 locations around the world and another 30 opening by 2020.

"W was really the first brand that kind of invented this category of a branded lifestyle hotel," he says. "It took hotels from being a really functional place -- sleep, eat, meet -- to something that is something more of a lifestyle environment with great bars, great restaurants and also somewhere where people want to be seen."

Usually, he says, smaller independent hotels take care of the boutique lifestyle sort of environment, because it tends to be a very localized thing -- "What's cool in one place is not cool in another."

"But the ability to take that understanding of how it works and make it different in every market around the world is kind of the tricky bit," he says. "The one things you have to be really, really clear on is -- what is your DNA as a brand? W's DNA is boiled down to some very clear principles, and those principles adapt to each market as we go around the world."

Click play to learn more about the unique DNA of W Hotels. 

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Brought to you by Entrepreneur Network