Paris' Madeleine & Gustave Is the Epitome of a Calm, Cool and Collected Retail Space

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In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner and marketing expert Bolanile Maté of Be Better Paris visits Paris’ Madeleine & Gustave to discuss how to create an inviting and engaging retail space. The French home furnishings store, which opened its doors in late 2015, combines minimalistic design and comfort. As a result, customers want to stay and buy, she says.

If you're ready to open a retail store, Maté says to focus on creating "a world where the customer can interact with your brand" -- and Madeleine & Gustave does that very well with a retail space that she describes as the epitome of calm, cool and collected.

"I think that people don't realize that it's about more than the decor," she says. "It's so calm in here that it invites the customer to stay, which is actually what you want, because the longer a customer stays in a location, the more likely they are to buy."

Click play and learn more about ambiance, how to space merchandise, color coordination, interactive spaces and more in the world of modern retail. 

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