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What's Better Than a Friend Coming Over to Visit? A Friend With Beer.

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When you think of Paris, you probably don't think "beer mecca." And neither does Bolanile Maté of Be Better Paris -- but the fact is, craft beer is a burgeoning market in the world's wine capital. 

In this video, the Entrepreneur Network partner and marketing expert talks with Paul Armbruster de Wilde to discuss how his start-up, HopBuddy, is distributing France's local craft beer. 

Even if you don't necessarily want to brew beer, "one way to get into the market is to create a service that caters to the market," she says of HopBuddy. "This startup is all about distribution -- and boy do they distribute."

"Since we wanted to create a friendly service that would really help people, like a pal that comes to your door with pockets full of hops and fresh beers, we had the idea of HopBuddy," says Armbruster de Wilde.

Press play for more insights on how this personalized beer distributor is helping grow the craft brew market in France. 

Watch more videos from Bolanile on her YouTube channel here

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