The FashionTap Social-Networking App Bridges the Gap Between Tech and Fashion

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FashionTap is a new social-networking app that allows people working in the fashion industry to connect by what they do and where they live. It also lets them tag their products to their images, which helps drive sales. 

In this video interview, Amy Roiland, the founder and CEO of FashionTap, and Eddy Roche, the company's chief operating officer, describe what it means to be entrepreneurs.

"For me, being an entrepreneur means being focused, persistent, loving what you're doing and not relying on anyone but yourself," Roiland says. "I like to study people who are really successful... that drives me to want to be successful."

Roiland, who has worked previously as a model, designer, a photographer and a public relations rep, started FashionTap when she discovered that there was a void at the intersection of tech and fashion during her time in PR. Before working with Roiland, Roche has founded, built and advised several other early-stage tech companies.

Click play for more insights from these two innovators of the tech and fashion worlds.

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