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Want to Stop Procrastinating? You Need to Shed Your Current Self-Image.

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Do you have the bad habit of putting off important tasks until the last minute? Would you like to kick that habit and stop procrastinating for good?

In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner and marketing expert Ben Angel, says that your productivity and your tendency to procrastinate are intrinsically linked to your self-image and who you want to be right now.

"Remember -- thoughts and beliefs are all self-fulfilling prophecies," he says. "Who you are and who you need to be are two different identities to get the task done. You can never out-perform your own self-image... your current identity won't allow you to reach future goals, because it doesn't believe it can -- otherwise you would have hit those goals."

So, who do you need to become to reach your current goals? Press play to learn more -- and rid yourself of procrastination forever. 

Watch more videos from Ben Angel on his YouTube channel here

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