6 Self-Awareness Exercises to Improve Your Life and Work

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"When there is no enemy within, the enemy without can do no harm."

In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner and spiritualist Thai Nguyen of the Utopian Life talks about the ancient proverb in the context of fostering better self-awareness. 

"It allows you to find any sort of hidden fault, any kind of hidden weakness that you might be experiencing that aren't immediately apparent to our consciousness," he says. 

Nguyen outlines six ways to improve your own self-awareness:

  • The 3 Whys: Come up with three reasons for any decisions you are trying to make. 
  • Expand your emotional vocabulary: Work on better identifying and labeling your emotions. 
  • Practice saying "no" to yourself: Remember that your desires are not always helpful. 
  • Monitor your self-talk: Your inner dialogue can be overly-critical and hold you back. 
  • Body language awareness: Avoid low-power poses.
  • Play Devil's advocate: Taking the opposite position will help you overcome biases and skewed perceptions.

Watch more videos from Nguyen on his YouTube channel here

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