What 5,000-Year-Old Chinese Tradition Can Teach Us About Success

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In this video interview for the Spartan UP! podcast series, Master Xing Qi Lin, head of a traditional Chinese school, discusses the teachings his students follow and how they apply to everyday life.

The Eastern philosophies that influence the school provide a valuable counterbalance to our Western ones. In our individualistic culture, we often forget that in order for our lives to function optimally, we need to consider how they harmonize with the greater whole -- physically, mentally and spiritually. Master Xing Qi Lin's school recognizes that merely teaching the students, only to neglect what happens when they go home, will put the teachings at risk of being lost. Therefore, teachers make sure parents are familiar with the lessons their children have learned.

In short, Master Xing Qi Lin emphasizes that the universe is more powerful than any one person, and if we nurture it, it will nurture us in return. This mindset can help our contributions have a greater impact on the world -- a more holistic approach as opposed to narrow-minded efficiency that merely focuses on the task at hand.

Watch more videos from Spartan UP! on their YouTube channel here.

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