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In this video, Joel Brown of Addicted2Success sits down with author Preston Smiles to talk about his book, Love Louder. The book focuses on eradicating negativity in life and love, and it contains tips to help you shift your perspective and allow yourself to enjoy the journey toward reaching your goals or building your finished product.

Smiles emphasizes that "every time you get 'there,' there will be a new 'there' that you declare." For instance, you can say you'll be happy as soon as you get into college. When you achieve that milestone, your new happiness deadline will be, "as soon as you get a job," which will become, "as soon as you make money," and then suddenly, "as soon as you retire." There will always be a new goal -- that's the nature of human beings.

Goals are designed for motivation and efficiency, but your happiness should not be centered around them. Happiness is a state of being, just as love is the force that powers everything we do, Smiles says.

Click play to hear more powerful insights Smiles and his new book have to offer.

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